“Rise to the occasion” with the MagnYm male enhancement procedure at Revive RX MedSpa

If you are an adult male experiencing poor penile size and issues such as premature ejaculation that are impacting your bedroom performance, our team at Revive RX Medspa can help! We offer a treatment option that can significantly improve your sexual performance while helping you feel more confident in your sexual encounters. With the MagnYm treatment, men in the area of Kansas City, Missouri, can restore confidence with this non-invasive treatment for penile appearance and function.

What is MagnYm?

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MagnYm is a fast 15-minute non-surgical male enhancement procedure that maximizes blood flow to the shaft of the penis (whether erect or flaccid). It is quick, simple, and painless and provides many benefits for those who experience premature ejaculation or are embarrassed by the size and girth of their penis. MagnYm can:

  • Improve sexual function
  • Counter penile retraction
  • Decrease premature ejaculation
  • Increase flaccid penis size, length, and girth
  • Decrease shrinkage

Who is a good candidate for the MagnYm male enhancement procedure?

If you are a “grower” (get larger with erections) vs. a “shower” (not much difference between non-erect penis vs. erect penis), this is a procedure for you! You will get a wider, flaccid penis and longer, firmer, stronger erections following your MagnYm treatment, all of which can make a powerful difference in your performance and confidence.

What can I expect during my MagnYm treatment?

The MagnYm treatment is essentially the administration of neuromodulators via injection into specific areas of the penis. These medications work to relax muscles within the penis that are responsible for retraction. By injecting neuromodulators, it will also help make the penis appear larger and longer when flaccid or erect.

Boost your confidence today and find your edge with MagnYm!

Impress before you undress with the power of MagnYm! Find out if you are a proper candidate for this quick, effective penile enhancement solution! At Revive RX Medspa, our team is here to help you address penis size and strength using reliable and affordable methods. Call (816) 208-4330 to request an appointment at our office, located at 400 East Red Bridge Road, Suite #210B. We are open to new patients in and around the cities of Overland Park, Leawood, Prairie Village, Lee’s Summit, Kansas City, Raymore, Belton, Olathe, and Lenexa!