Lifting your skin and reversing the aging process has never been easier thanks to an innovative non-invasive facelift, also known as the PDO lift. This anti-aging treatment is minimally invasive, far less so than a traditional surgical facelift, and will help you achieve a younger-looking appearance using PDO threads. At ReVive RX Med Spa in Kansas City, MO, we perform the V Soft Lift and use MedyGlobal and smooth threads that deliver transformative results.  

PDO Thread Lift: The Non-Surgical Facelift

The PDO thread lift is a unique treatment that stimulates collagen production to lift and tighten the skin. In doing so, it can smooth facial folds, lines, and wrinkles by forcing the body to grow new collagen in the treatment areas. At ReVive RX Med Spa, we use MedyGlobal threads and V Soft Lift threads to perform our treatments. These brands have designed versatile and innovative PDO threads that help us achieve the best possible results. 

What Are PDO Threads?

PDO threads are polydioxanone threads that have been used for decades in the medical world during various surgical procedures. The body absorbs them over time as the body converts them to water and carbon dioxide and absorbs them through a process called hydrolysis.   When we use these threads during the PDO thread lift, they remain in the body for approximately six months before they’re absorbed. Once injected into different areas of the face with a micro-cannula, however, they stimulate collagen production to smooth facial folds and wrinkles and lift and tighten the skin.

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MedyGlobal Threads

MedyGlobal is a brand that has designed a versatile collection of PDO threads that can address different aging-related concerns. MedyGlobal has created threads in different textures with unique patterns, including smooth threads, barbed threads, and everything in between. Each thread type can address a different concern and produce some unique results post-treatment based on the patient’s needs.  

The V Soft Lift

The V Soft Lift is a unique treatment that uses specialized threads to address different aging-related concerns. The absorbable threads that we use to perform the V Soft Lift come in grid-like patterns or cogged threads to deliver a lifting effect. We offer the V Soft Lift treatment to help patients combat aging and achieve a V-shaped appearance by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production.  

Smooth Threads

We also offer smooth threads, and we can use them to increase collagen and elastin production, increase blood flow, and improve skin elasticity. Smooth threads can help instantly lift the skin and improve facial support by creating a stronger structure with increased collagen and elastin production.  

How the Treatment Works

This treatment process begins with an initial consultation. We need to evaluate your areas of concern in person to determine which type of threads and techniques to use during your treatment. When you arrive for your treatment, we will apply a topical numbing solution to your skin to enhance your comfort and then use a special pen to mark the injection sites on the surface of your skin.   Then we inject the PDO threads into the specified treatment areas. Once inserted into the skin, they will immediately adhere to the tissue to lift, tighten, and improve the appearance. They also relax the muscles and tendons in the treatment area, which increases blood flow as the body reacts to the presence of what it perceives as a foreign body in the area. This process stimulates neocollagenesis, a process also known as collagen induction therapy.  

A Treatment That Naturally Increases Collagen and Elastin Production

After your treatment, the PDO threads will remain below the surface of the skin, and the body will create new collagen as it works to break down and absorb the threads in the four to six months following the treatment process. You won’t have to worry about any cuts, incisions, or scarring post-treatment. Instead, you benefit from both immediate effects and gradual anti-aging effects over time.

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Am I a Good Candidate?

The best candidates for a PDO thread lift are patients looking for a minimally invasive, non-surgical, non-invasive facelift that will deliver noticeable yet natural anti-aging results. If you’ve begun to notice skin laxity around your brow, neck, or cheeks, or you’re noticing that jowls have begun to form, you may be a good treatment candidate.   This non-invasive facelift can help you achieve similar results to a surgical facelift without the surgical procedure or the risk. It’s a suitable option for patients who want to address aging on the upper, middle, or lower half of the face and neck. It can treat crow’s feet, drooping brows, facial folds, and wrinkles. It’s also an effective option for patients who have undergone plastic surgery but experienced relapse, specifically after a neck lift or surgical facelift.  

The Importance of Choosing an Experienced Technician

While many Med Spas may offer similar treatment options, whenever you’re dealing with your face and appearance, it’s important that you choose experience. When you schedule a PDO thread lift at ReVive RX Med Spa, you’ll be treated by the expert herself, Kathleen Smith, who has extensive training and experience in performing PDO thread lifts with finesse. Her patients never experience any complications post-treatment; just incredible results. When you trust Kathleen with your non-invasive facelift, expect results that exceed your expectations.  

Experience the Non-Invasive Facelift

If you’re looking for a facelift alternative that doesn’t require downtime, surgical techniques, or discomfort, you may be the perfect candidate for a PDO thread lift. At your initial consultation, we can confirm that you are a good treatment candidate and then design a unique treatment plan to help you achieve healthier and younger-looking skin with a completely natural treatment process. Contact us today at ReVive RX Med Spa in Kansas City, MO to schedule your consultation.