Learn more about the TrichoCyte scalp treatment for men and women

If you are struggling with either hair thinning or loss, invasive surgeries are not your only option to restore the hair on your scalp. At Revive RX Medspa of Kansas City, Missouri, we are here to assist by providing treatment options that WORK! This includes the TrichoCyte hair growth treatment system. Both men and women can use this system developed by CryoTouch MD to regrow and thicken hair!

What is the TrichoCyte scalp treatment?

In 12 weeks, you can enjoy thicker, fuller hair with the TrichoCyte scalp treatment system. First, you start with the TrichoCyte Booster Activation Kit. This contains all you need for your three-month treatment. It includes the use of the TrichoCyte Activating Daily Serum and taking the TrichoCyte Oral Tablet to help in jumpstarting hair restoration.

After the initial 12-week treatment, you will see the results of your continued hard work and the power behind the TrichoCyte scalp treatment. At this point, you will start the maintenance phase. You continue to use the serum and oral tablets to keep the hair growing. If necessary, you may need to come in regularly, perhaps once a month, for a more focused spot and booster treatment.


What type of hair loss does the TrichoCyte treatment address?

The variety of hair loss that is most common and can be treated with this special system is androgenetic alopecia. This condition is known for causing hair thinning and loss and is often caused by aging, genetics, and biochemistry. Using this system can combat nature and help you maintain thicker, fuller hair longer!

What other options are available at our practice?

  • Revian RED Hair Growth System
  • Viviscal Professional Supplements
  • Microneedling the scalp with exosomes
  • Nutrafol Vitamins
  • TrichoCyte vitamin and hair treatment serum

How do I learn more about TrichoCyte scalp treatments?

Kansas City, MO, area patients interested in combating hair thinning and loss are welcome to ask our dedicated team about the benefits of TrichoCyte scalp treatment to determine if they are appropriate for their unique needs. Call the office at (816) 208-4330 to request a visit with our team at 400 East Red Bridge Road, Suite #210B. The office is open for new patients in and around the communities of Leawood, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Lenexa, and Olathe, Kansas.