What is hormone pellet therapy for men and women?

Hormonal changes are just a natural part of the aging process. When estrogen and testosterone levels in men and women fluctuate, it can result in many different symptoms that can impact one’s daily life. By working with the team at Revive RX Medspa of Kansas City, Missouri, you would not only be able to evaluate your hormone levels and determine if they are out of balance, but you could seek treatment. At our office, we offer testosterone and estrogen pellets for men and women, specifically those from SottoPelle.

What are the SottoPelle pellets for hormone replacement therapy?

BHRT or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy pellets offered at Revive RX Medspa are a reliable way for both men and women to balance testosterone and estrogen hormone levels. Using the SottoPelle pellets is a reliable way of maintaining proper hormone levels to ensure you are functioning and feeling your best!

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How does pellet therapy work?

BHRT pellets involve inserting hormones into the fat layer, where they are then slowly released over time. These pellets offer many advantages compared to other forms of hormone therapy, including no need for frequent injections and no large fluctuations in hormone levels as one may experience with oral or topical treatments.

What should I expect during treatment?

During your appointment at Revive RX Medspa, your doctor will discuss your medical history and health goals with you. After determining the best dose for you, a local anesthetic is utilized to ensure that you remain comfortable during the insertion of the pellets. The procedure itself is considered minimally invasive and takes less than 30 minutes.

How do I learn more about testosterone and estrogen pellets for men and women?

BHRT pellets are a great way for adults experiencing hormone imbalances to bring their bodies back into harmony! If you are interested in learning more about pellet therapy with our team at Revive RX Medspa, we welcome you to call our practice at (816) 208-4330 to request a visit. Our office is open to new and returning patients in Kansas City, MO, and we are here to help with a wide selection of services for you! Look and feel your best with BHRT pellet therapy today!