Injectable cosmetic “toxes” for wrinkle relaxing

At Revive RX Medspa in Kansas City, Missouri, we offer wrinkle removal treatments using some of the most popular neuromodulators, including Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, Daxxify and Xeomin. These injectables use neurotoxins, or neuromodulators, to relax the muscles responsible for lines and wrinkles so that you can achieve smoother skin. We refer to them sometimes as injectable “toxes” which provide wrinkle relaxers for the face. Botox can also double as a pain-relieving option for patients suffering from teeth grinding, migraine pain, hyperhidrosis, and even TMJ.

How Neuromodulators Work

Neuromodulators combat aging by relaxing muscles responsible for the formation of expression lines. They target the source of expression lines and repetitive muscular movements to relax those muscles, resulting in much softer expressions.

The goal of neuromodulators is not to eliminate your ability to express but to soften your expression. The active ingredient is a neurotoxin, and following treatment, that ingredient will begin relaxing your muscles so that you can achieve smoother-looking skin.

What Are Neurotoxins?

Neurotoxins are the active ingredient in our wrinkle relaxers, and they work by relaxing facial muscles responsible for dynamic wrinkles, also known as expression lines. These purified proteins, also called botulinum toxin A, block the communication between the muscles and the nerve signals.

After treatment with neurotoxins, when your brain tells the muscles to contract, instead of responding, they will maintain a relaxed state to help smooth the current lines and wrinkles and help prevent the formation of new ones.

Face Treatment

Our Wrinkle Relaxers

Our wrinkle relaxers can correct some of the most common expression lines, including crow’s feet, forehead, and frown lines. If your anti-aging products are not helping you look and feel as young as you would like, it may be the right time to add one of these injectables to your treatment plan and target aging at its source.

  • Botox
  • Dysport
  • Jeuveau
  • Xeomin
  • Daxxify

When To Expect Results

Botox, Jeuveau, Dysport, Daxxify and Xeomin all take a few days to relax the muscles. Regardless of which injectable you choose to target your expression lines, you can expect to see improvements in those lines within two to seven days of your appointment. 

Say Goodbye to Your Expression Lines

Thanks to our effective lineup of wrinkle-removal treatments, expression lines can become a thing of the past. Post-treatment, you can enjoy all the benefits of these injectables and, with regular treatments, can enjoy smooth skin year-round. Contact us today at Revive RX Medspa in Kansas City, MO, to schedule your consultation by calling (816) 208-4330.